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  • A Full Range of Programs

    A Full Range of Programs

    Classic’s number one goal is to protect the consumer’s financial investment and enhance the driving and ownership experience.

We invite and encourage all independent agents who serve franchise and non-franchise dealerships to Connect to Classic for the most extraordinary experience in the industry.

Commission submissions received on the last business day of the month are paid by the 10th of the following month. No one in the industry pays faster than Classic.

From phones answered by a real person to a highly competent staff of trained, experienced professionals who have answers when you need those answers, we go out of our way to protect you and your dealers and their customers.

We do such an outstanding job that our agents tell us our personal approach is not only reassuring, but they also sleep better at night.

They also tell us how much they appreciate us when one of their dealers has an issue or question, or when one of their dealers’ customers has a claim and needs handholding through the process. Our goal is to help resolve claims quickly and make you and your dealers look good.

If you’re new to Classic and would like to learn more about our products, programs, and services, please contact Brad Davis or Jennifer Ferenz Dean at 800.930.4633.

When you call, we’ll provide you with additional information and a personal tour of our products, services, and pricing.

Also, when you call, we’ll be pleased to provide you with a temporary password allowing you access to where you’ll be able to see exactly what our agents see –– from additional product information to forms and pricing.

If you’re an existing agent, please log in using the log in form above on the right-hand side.


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